Photo Restoration #2 – Bickley’s Bus, Stoughton, WI

It’s official. I’ve gone rogue with my photo restorations. Because I have always felt at home with a wacom tablet in lap and Adobe Photoshop staring me in the face, I have finally decided I will stalk the interwebs for any old photo that I can restore in a reasonable amount of time. This may seem very noble of me (it really is), but it also serves the purpose of keeping my skills tack sharp by practicing on a regular basis as well as serving as a modest marketing tool. I hope people will enjoy my photo restoration posts; like I’ve said, it makes me feel like some sort of superhero. Enjoy.

Original Image Original
Modified Image Modified


Do you have any photos that could use some restoration? You know of someone that may need photos restored? Send them my way, and let’s connect! Feedback is always welcome in the comments section so long as it is more sophisticated than playground vernacular.