Photo Restoration #1 – Edgerton Swimming Pool

Welcome to our first photo restoration. One of my favorite things to do is breathe new life into old photos with photo restoration. Over time, photos that are sitting in the basement or an old album somewhere will deteriorate. They lose color, contrast, sharpness, etc. In the modern age that we live in I truly believe that all these old photos should be restored to a respectable quality. And since it is easy to store photos digitally these days, why not explore restoration for your own old photos, and family photos.

Below are some photos I pulled from a post that someone did on the “You Know You’re From Edgerton, WI If…” Facebook Group. I kind of like the idea of this guerilla style restoration. I almost feel like some sort of digital super hero who lurks around various online groups/forums looking for content to refresh and restore. The best part about this kind of guerilla-style photo restoration is it is un-solicited. There is no money exchanged, there are no expectations, and in all honesty no one is expecting it – which is great. People like surprises, and I like gifting them. Below you will find the quick photo restorations I did of the Old Edgerton Swimming Pool photos from “You Know You’re From Edgerton, WI If…” Facebook Group.

Original Image Original
Modified Image Modified


Do you have any photos that could use some restoration? You know of someone that may need photos restored? Send them my way, and let’s connect! Feedback is always welcome in the comments section so long as it is more sophisticated than playground vernacular.