Freelance Services Reborn

Over the past year I have been working feverishly in between dirty diapers, band practice and full time employment to consolidate all of my freelance services (photography, art, design & video) into one digital space.

Ross Harried Photography will no longer be maintained, nor will and as a result I would like to invite you all to check out my new page that shows the breadth of services I truly encompass (not just photography), Second Crop Creative & to New Freelance Services

Why did you ditch your Name?

I chose to part ways with using my name as a front for my ‘brand’ for a few reasons.

  1. Because I want to speak to all the freelance services I offer, I felt it was a better route to take then encompassing everything under my name.
  2. People don’t know how to properly pronounce or spell my last name to begin with which would make it hard to remember or look up if I met someone on the street that would be interested in the freelance services that I had to offer.
  3. I wanted to disconnect all my personal social media accounts from any of my freelance services/business endeavors. This way I can choose what content from my freelance services social media accounts to share with my friends and family, instead of bombarding you guys/gals with both my personal social media accounts and freelance accounts – although lets be honest, I will probably still try and share 70% of my freelance posts.

Ok, but what does Second Crop Creative even mean?

Trust me when I say I spent probably a solid 2 weeks of just ‘brand-storming’ and trying to see what names I could work with that had a) available website domains as well as b)social media accounts. Unbeknownst to many, I actually grew up on a dairy farm. A regular task of farming is feeding your herd. To feed your herd you must harvest hay – the second crop of most hay harvests are typically the best/nutritious. Not only was I in the process of starting a family that I would soon have to nourish, but it was my second attempt into personal branding of my freelance services. BAM! Second Crop Creative was born offering freelance services ranging from photography and video services to website design and commissioned artworks.

Where do we go from here?

Business will continue as usual. Nothing has changed other than Second Crop Creative will be the forefront of all my freelance services. This is an exciting transition for my family and I as I look to take on more clients by reaching a broader audience – not just photography clients. I’m especially excited for anyone interested in video work and those interested in owning original artwork to decorate their homes, dorms and/or man caves (more info on that later). If you know anyone that would be interested, please share.


Feedback is always welcome in the comments section so long as it is more sophisticated than playground vernacular.