Advanced Color Pollution Removal in Photoshop

Hey der guy! So I don't want to make excuses, but hear me out, I've been busy playing the revived role as daddy to my second born child. But without further delay, I bring to you another #TutorialTuesday per request of Redditors.

In this #TutorialTuesday we take an image polluted with yellow bokeh balls and restore it back to its original flavor. We cover three steps

  1. Matching luminance levels
  2. Fixing color
  3. Color grading to your own flavor

Check out the video below to grasp this three step process in further detail!

Modified Image AFTER
Original Image BEFORE


Do you have any photos that could use some restoration? You know of someone that may need photos restored? Send them my way, and let’s connect! Feedback is always welcome in the comments section so long as it is more sophisticated than playground vernacular.